10 practical ways to improve your memory perfectly

It’s no news your memory is your strength. How about this?

You read through and I get you to learn 10 quick tips to improve your memory and teach you practical steps on how to use the classic Memory Palace Technique for a high retention rate(long term memory).

You stand to become a memory expert if only you will be patient enough to read and apply the knowledge you will be learning here.

Well, I love to keep it simple, I hope you will enjoy this ride.

10 practical ways on how to improve your memory perfectly

  1. Eat good brain foods
  2. Kill the ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts)
  3. Exercise
  4. Brain Nutrients
  5. Positive Peer Group
  6. Clean Environment
  7. Sleep
  8. Protect your brain
  9. New learning
  10. Stress Management

Let’s take them one after another for a better understanding on how to improve your memory.

1. Eat Good Brain Foods

Having a good meal has its benefits beyond just satisfying your hunger. You have to cling to the better benefits which are eating a balanced meal for better health and body nourishment. Just as you care for your skin, so you should take out time to care for your brain.

No matter how much you overlook this fact. Good brain foods play a vital role in helping you have good and improved memory.

A quick giveaway: reduce consumption of heavy sugar meals.

Here is how sugar affects your brain.

I pointed to the high sugar consumption case because that’s where most of us fail.

Natural ways to improve your memory. Eat good brain food.
Eat good brain foods for a healthy brain – How to improve memory

Good brain foods that can help improve your memory includes Blueberries, walnuts, avocado, good fats and even dark chocolates.

I won’t deny, I consume quite a lot of sugar but not until I learnt its detriment to brain health concerning cognition. 

2. Kill the ANTS

Do you know how irritating ants can be when you must have kept your pack of sugar open?

If you can relate to that, you definitely should have no business with Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTS). 

Kill Automatic Negative Thoughts

Why you should avoid ANTS to improve your memory

First, your thoughts depict who you are.

Secondly, your mind(brain) can’t tell the difference between your reality and your imaginations(thoughts).

When you dwell more on negative thoughts you become less productive and your brain can’t find air to be expressive.

Whatever you rehearse on, you’re rewiring your brain to be that way.

And you know, all behaviours are belief-driven.

How to improve memory creativityLearn to write better with your improved memory

3. Exercise

Morning jogs, situps, pushups and counting as unconvincing as they seem are vital in your quest to improve your memory. Anything that helps your health also helps improve your memory.

Exercises on how to improve memory power

4. Brain nutrients

The truth remains I’m not a nutritionist so I don’t necessarily have much to offer here, but I know when you’re low on B-Vitamin, DHA and EPA you’re bound to suffer cognitive issues.

But you can go to a doctor, carry out blood and food tests, check your nutrient profile, it will help improve your memory.

5. Positive peer group

There is a saying “you’re the average of the five people you spend your time with.”

You become who you spend time with—this is just not a positive quote it’s a reality.

Haven’t you wondered while most times you watch a sport or a movie you seem to feel what they feel or you feel empathy for people around you.

positive peer group natural ways to improve memory

We all have mirror neurons in our CNS. It imitates what we see and feel.

We are always imitating– patterns, thoughts, habits.

Be careful who you spend time with cause if you spend time with 7 idiots you’re going to be the 8th. I can testify to that, so no offence.

6. Clean Environment

An orderly and clean environment increases productivity.

Make sure your room, devices and anything within your reach is always neat, then watch your memory improve.

Clean environment helps you memorize practical steps on how to improve memory

A clean environment helps to master the memory palace technique and it’s a sure tip on how to improve memory retention.

7. Sleep

I know you hear this every day, but I would stress it again “Get at least 6-8 hours of sleep a day!”

Sleep is a natural way to improve memory power and retention rate.

Natural science proven way on how to improve memory

Here is why you should maintain 6-8 hours sleep schedule to improve your memory.

  • It helps consolidates your long term memory
  • It helps clean plagues in your brain to avoid brain ageing.
  • For dreams, most innovative ideas come in a dream state.

The 3rd reason why you should maintain the schedule is how to improve memory creativity.

8. Protect your brain

One of the things killing your brain right now is the amount of radiation you have exposed your brain to.

Our smart devices emit electromagnetic light, quite very harmful to our brains.

How are smart devices dangerous to brain

I read somewhere that 90℅ of teens sleep with there devices under their pillows, who knows how much harm they have done to their memory now.

A dead brain can’t learn the memory palace technique or any neither can you know how to improve memory conditions for new learnings.

9. New learning

Memory expert and trainer Jim kwik in one of the interviews I watched.

He said that Einstein’s brain isn’t larger than yours, the difference is that a part of his brain is highly interconnected.

learn how to improve memory

Your thoughts become interconnected when you learn new things.

Giveaway tip: The secret to the memory palace technique is memory connections.

You train your brain to improve your memory.

10. Stress Management

time management is stress management
Time Management is Stress Management

You don’t realize how stressed you are cause it is invincible. It has become an integral part of your life routine that you can’t notice it; You can be likened to the fish that can’t see the water as it has been there long enough.

To manage stress engage in meditation, relaxation, yoga, massage, vacation. Just whatever it is that can send you out of it.

How to Use the Memory Palace technique

I promised, to teach you the memory palace technique right?

Well, the memory palace technique is a practice used by the ancient Greeks 2500 years ago and is still being used by memory experts today.

How to use the Memory Palace technique to learn faster
The power lies in your Imagination

The memory palace technique is useful for presentation or talks when you don’t want to rely on notes.

It’s good for students when they study for exams or tests too.

The key to Memory Palace technique is Visualization

For a practice on how to improve memory using Memory palace technique, I’m going to walk you through my home.

I’m going to designate 1-10 places and I would put each tip on how to improve your memory on each of the 10 places.

Let’s go— Imagine you’re on an aeroplane right now coming to my house for training on how to improve memory.

Note: I'm not a trained memory expert like Jim Kwik.

You just flew in, a car (with ‘how to improve memory’ inscribed)picked you up. 

On your arrival, the first place you saw was the family open sit out.

Now I want you to imagine, good brain foods ranging from dark chocolates, blueberries, avocados waiting for you on the table(but my young siblings are fighting over them. You thought, how childish?)

Now as you walked past the sit out, making your way through the second place, the walkway. What’s the second place now? It’s a walkway.

As you make your way, you’re killing ANTS. Stepping on the Automatic Negative Thoughts. Making sure nothing eats your knowledge on ‘how to improve memory.’

Use your Imagination cause that's your superpower

From there you get into the building and the third-place you stepped into is the stairway.

As you walk up the stairway you’re exercising(you’re jumping and jogging up the stairs).

You get off the stairs and the fourth place you walk into is the hallway. 

As you walk through the walkway you can see big bottles of B-Vitamins and buckets of shellfish, that’s brain nutrients.

As you branch to the right, you walk into the fifth-place, the guest room. 

What’s the fifth place? Guest room (say it out loud)

And in the fifth place is your fifth brain tip — positive peer group(you open the door, all you see is happy friends.)

You’re pressed, you step into the sixth place the restroom.

The sixth memory tip ‘clean environment’ strikes in as you see the cleaner cleaning the Water Closet and its surrounding.

Across the restroom is the seventh place, a big bed. All you can remember is the seventh memory tip, good sleep.

You walked out of the guest room and on your left you saw a helmet hanging on the wall, and all that comes to your mind is brain protection(you can’t risk a dead brain). That’s the eighth place and corresponding memory tip.

At the left wall beside the helmet is the ninth place, the study room.

What’s ninth place? It’s the study room.

You opened the door and you can see my bro being taught by a private tutor, and boldly written on the whiteboard is  “New Learnings ”

As not to disturb you, leave the study room and take the stairs adjacent to the room to walk into the tenth place, the sitting room.

And there you found me watching “The Grand Budapest Hotel” 

All that flashes in your mind is stress management and then you join me.

Quickie: How to improve memory memorised with the memory palace technique.

  • Family Open sit out – Good brain food 
  • Walkway- Kill ANTS
  • Stairway – Exercise
  • Hallway – Brain nutrients
  • Guestroom – Positive Peer
  • Restroom – Clean Environment
  • Big bed – Sleep 
  • Wall- Brain protection
  • Study room – New learnings
  • Sitting room – Stress Management

What to do?

So you know that’s a practical application of memory palace technique completed, I used my home as the palace and memorized the 10 ways to improve my memory.

Now take any environment you can run through at the snap of your finger, preferably your home or dorm(totally your choice); that should now be your palace.

For every room or walkway in the known environment, you made your palace; imagine yourself walking through them and assign one brain tip to each room or compartment.

See how much you can recall as you walk through the environment through the power of visualization, connection and storytelling.


If you took the Memory Palace technique practical study on how to improve memory seriously, you should have all the 10 tips on how to improve your memory, off-heart. 

And if you just did, Congratulations! You are halfway a Memory Expert and you might just be the next world memory champion.

Tap the share button asap, If you feel improved. And let me know other good brain foods and brain tips you know that can improve the memory😎

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