4 secrets on how to increase sales quickly

Happy you arrived here, as not to regret your decision to convert— stick to the end and follow the how to increase sales practice. God willing you might just be the next multimillion-dollar worth entrepreneur.

In this article, you get to know how to pick the right business strategy on how to increase sales, find products to sell and be your own boss.

It’s never an easy decision to decide on what products to sell, boost sales or what business to engage on when you have finally decided to live a boss free life and become a life earner as an entrepreneur.

It’s not enough you made the decision “I want to be my own boss”

The real deal comes after the decision.

You have to understand the business and strategies needed to implement success. But note an increased sales volume starts with the chosen product.

Why read how to increase sales and find products to sell?

  • You probably just launched your online store.
  • You can’t decide on a viable product to sell online.
  • Looking to boost sales volume
  • You already decided on a product and for a while now you couldn’t make a sale.
  • Looking to attract more customers and learn selling strategies
  • You want to launch your store but not willing to take the ignorance risk.
  • You have launched your store and you’re thinking– ‘another failure!’
  • You just hate your 9-5 job and you want to live a boss free life etc.

If you fall into any of the listed or related class. Just take your time, get your memory ready to learn fast and retain, then your problem on how to increase sales volume is solved.

I want to share with you 4 generic secrets that will improve your sales and take your overall business to the next level.

You must be thinking, what a metaphor!

How on earth is a secret meant to be generic?

Its generic cause it can be applied in any business. It has always been there. Even a newbie knows these things and you’ve seen and read it severally.

But you see it is not about knowing these things, it’s about being concise on its application.

4 Secret Selling Strategies to Improve Sales and Find Product

  1. Niche down
  2. Focus on problems
  3. Make ads benefit-oriented
  4. Perseverance

How to Increase Sales and Find Products to Sell- Explained

Stay with me…

Niche down

The online market these days has been reeled into the niche strategy. Every digital marketer, E-business consultant, the online guru will tell you not to go too broad, find your niche and find your people.

It has been working and might still work in years to come.

But here is an idea I’m selling you, instead of just starting with a niche store, tweak it a bit.

Start with a combination—> get your general store structured to have just 3 or 5 niches.

With this strategy, you focus on your selected niches while you test out a bunch of products and find your target audience.

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Focus on Problems

This can be tackled in two phases

  • Find the problems and see what ways or products can solve them.
  • Wow, your audience with the solution.

Once your store meets these two conditions, you will definitely make a sale.

The product should be unique to appeal to a passionate audience.

Take for instance a phone case for a dog.

Remember to find products to sell focus on pain points and provide solutions with your product.

Make Ads Benefit-oriented

When you write content, promoting your product for sale; stress on the benefits your buyers stands to gain as they purchase your offer.

Make it about the customer, connect with the need of your buyer(audience) and offer your products in a way it meets the need.

You can use “Be productive, Save Energy, time, effort”. Avoid “- 50% off, Shop Now, time-limited”.


Starting out will never be easy, no successful entrepreneur made it in a night. It was days, weeks, months and years of hard work and determination.

Don’t give up because you bombed your first store.

Don’t give up if you aren’t seeing desired result.

Just give it time, remember its a marathon not a 100m race.

Stay strong and be inspired by your cmpetitors and those around you.


Now you have known these secrets why not apply them and be the next multi-million dollar entrepreneur.

For a quick takeaway/summary

  • Start a niche store within a general store
  • Figure out the problem and bring solutions(products) with the wow factor.
  • Be benefit-driven(make it about the audience, not you)
  • Winners never quit is the motor

Would love to read your own secrets, please do drop yours in the comment section.

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