In a nutshell, you should be part of this vineyard if you want to burn your boats and create a life of affluence.

I have never really been good with introductions, but what can I do when it’s needed?

Don’t expect me to start up with promises I might not be able to keep in the long run.

No, that would be deceit and that isn’t good for a start right?

So let’s begin on a good note, building with trust and authenticity as the principal foundation.

It took me a whole year to decide on what to do with this blog, sad right? Well, you see it isn’t just enough to buy a domain and hosting and start writing whatever you feel you like.

You have to think of who you want to reach out to, what you want to achieve(goals and mission) and what message you have for that special person out there waiting to read your views.

To cut the story short, I did find a message for you and a goal for myself.

Believing we will have quality time as we create a life of affluence together in the long run, let me take you through the phase with the likely questions that might be racing through your mind now.

How I Can Help You Create a Life of Affluence

I will help you burn your boats and create a life of affluence through practical insights on Make money now online and offline schemes, freelance guides and self-improvement tips.

My Writing Value!

I don’t have to be a great writer, a famous digital marketer or be super smart to write and share my knowledge.

And to bring together like-minded individuals.

Favourite Quote For You


It’s all about You

The Philosophy Behind TechyVine

You must have heard of the popular phrase “Burn your boats” and if you haven’t, you just did.

A spaniard Commander Hernan Cortez in 1519, landed on Veracruz to begin his great conquest to take over the Island. As the commander and his valiant soldiers of about 600 men stepped on the land.

Captain Hernan commanded his soldiers, to burn the boats(ship) with which they came. And made it clear that there was no room or option of escape and failure.

Its either they win or they perish. The boats was burned, no turning back. You might think Hernan’s men were despondent but they rallied behind their leader like never before.

And in two years Captain Hernan Cortez and his men conquered the Aztec empire. There is a story about Julius Ceaser doing the same in his conquest of England.

What if they did not burn their ships and destroy the hope for escape from pain?

I want you to think about that, but for me, I think there is every possibility, they won’t be able to conquer. And even if that happens, it would take much longer time.

I think by now you can relate with my own personal story, wasted one year before this blog came to be. And there are other opportunities I allowed slip. Until I made the decision to burn my boats.

I don’t know what boat which has kept you where you are today, or stopped you from creating and living a life of affluence.

I charge you to rise up from your slumber and burn the boat of procrastination, indecision, laziness and self-doubt as you become part of this vineyard.

Whatever it is “Burn Your Boats Today!”

Should I be here?

YES, if you believe that you are a Unique Person with your unique abilities and flaws, ready to create a life of affluence.😓

Ranging from Nobody to Freelancers, Digital Marketers and Students.

All Learners that aren’t tired of growth, are all welcomed.

Who Runs Here?

I am Okechukwu Oghata, an ardent student of life, looking to find an awesome balance, you can join me on instagram@techyvine.

Ohh I do have a nickname Best, and yes–given to me by close pals. Because I always have something to say on every matter of life.

A nice way of saying Jack of all trade,master of SOME!

Why I Started This Blog?

I started TechyVine to help you Burn Your Boats and Create a Life of Affluence. Always ready to share my thoughts, with YOU and YOU alone.

Join me as I take YOU through Money Making Schemes, Freelance guides and self-improvement tips.

As these topics cover richness in financial, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical areas of your life needed for affluent living.

Want to send a message or looking for more ways to connect?

I got you, just hit the affluent contact page.

Let’s Create a Life of Affluence Today!

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