How to Write Content That Converts 4 Proven Effective Ways

I believe before you stumbled on this post on how to write content that converts, you have come across many guides, how to’s and strategies on writing high converting content.

The truth remains that there are so many tactics to engage in your content to make it convert while some are feasible others are not.

I will show you effective ways on how to write content that converts in this article. But first here are the reasons your content is not converting:

Why You Don’t Know How to Write Content That Converts

  1. You haven’t pinpointed the problem/pain Point
  2. You are not solving the problem (Be the Problem Solver)
  3. You don’t know your audience
  4. You’re blabbing

Now you’ve known why your content is not converting, let’s run through ways on how to write content that converts effectively, today.

We will use the aforementioned problems as the baseline for our discussion.

Find a Problem and Give The Solution

As a content  marketer, you should know how to write content that converts and bring in traffic, which could come in the form of:

  • Buying your Product or Service
  • A user clicking on your link in SERP (Ranking high in google)
  • Signing up to your email campaign list
  • A user viewing your site repeatedly
  • Joining any of your social media accounts
  • A user sharing your post
  • Leaving a comment

People can only convert when you’re solving their problem.

How then can you solve a problem you’ve not identified?  …. (Question for you)

How to Find the Pain Point

  • Search comment Sections: Concerns are always raised in the comment sections of websites.

If you go through comments in a website you would notice contributions which come in the form of questions or an added value to the post.

Try to look out for them because it doesn’t only help you identify a problem it can also aid your ideation process in finding a solution.

Find out where your target audience hangs out.

Be natural, engage with them and try to find out their problems while you think of ways to proffer a solution.

  • Competitor Compare: Take a look at the content of your competitors, find out the topics they are addressing.

Find contents with most engagements judging from comments or social shares. Use them as inspiration to solve the problem. Remember do not plagiarize the content.

Now solve the problem

How to Write Content That Converts

  1. Write powerful headlines
  2. Your intro should be spicy
  3. Create great visuals
  4. Optimize your content

Let’s take them one after another, for better understanding.

1. Your Headline, Your Bargaining Power

That your content would ever be clicked in SERP, selling your product/service, people joining your mailing list or sharing your post, is all determined by your headline.

That’s why is it’s your bargaining power. Having this in mind, you have to learn how to craft perfect attention taking headlines.

Power Tip to Consider While crafting your Headline

Use Emotions

Doing words are remarkable words cause of the emotional effect it has on every reader.

They are Power words which have the ability to draw attention. Words like (Powerful, Effective, Smart, Simple, Free, New, Strong, Fast) are all power words.

Let’s compare these two headlines:

Original headline-

21 Ways to Make Money Online

Power word introduced-

21 Effective ways to Make Money Online

Which one are you likely to click?

If you answered the above question correctly and sincerely, it means you perfectly understood.

Always use them to introduce a high degree of Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) to your headlines. I think this short content will give you an idea on EMV.

CoSchedule and AMI are good headline analyzers you can try too.

You can see my sample images from using CoSChedule and Aminstitute respectively below:

Your headline helps you write content that convert. 
Coschedule Headline Analyzer
Headline Score from CoSchedule for this Post.
How to write content that converts crazily
Emotional Marketing Value Score from AdvancedMarketInstitute (AMI) for this post.

“Even the most intelligent person is moved by emotion”

2. Your Intro should be engaging

Your intro should do two things:

  • First is to clearly summarize your content and state how the reader can benefit.
  • Secondly to intrigue your reader and create a suspense effect that would make him want to read more.

The first 3-4 lines should be precise enough to convey benefits and interest a visitor.

Remember visitors, on average, only read around 20% of content on a web page. For every bad intro, there is an increased bounce rate.

Do not panic on these; just remember the more you write the better you become.

3. Visuals, the spark your content needs to convert

Visual contents are great ways of attracting and engaging readers.

Visual content which can be images or videos aids in breaking up chunks of text in a post. Making your content well structured.

Visual Content Recommended Usage
Graphics (Original) Featured Image and in Infographics content body
Charts and Graphs Quoting studies or Industry Statistics
pinpointed Tutorials, guides and how-to
Screenshots/ Screen records For clarity in tutorials
Videos Tutorials and CTAs

4. Optimize your copy→ Structure your Content in an easy to read format.

Yes, you have the perfect solution to a problem, well thought out but unorganized equals wasted effort.

There is a need to structure your content. It should have a flow from one state to another. Tackle each question with a paragraph.


  • Use bullets for lists and notable points
  • Use Subheading for clarity and easy run-through of content
  • Add visuals where necessary ranging from Images, Infographics, screenshots to illustrate points.
  • Use short paragraphs to break up texts

Find your Audience, Create Content and Stop Blabbing

That you crafted an attention-grabbing headline, created a compelling CTA, tackled a problem will know no success except you know or find your target audience.

When you write without conceiving who your audience is, you’re just blabbing.

And you will continue doing so until you find your audience.

Important Things to Note about Your Target Audience

  • Demographic/location
  • Where they hang out(Forums, Facebook Groups – find out online platforms they use)
  • What are their Values and Needs
  • Age range
  • Education
  • Social Status
  • Likes and Dislikes
  • Phrases they frequently use
  • Professional Experience (If any)
  • Loved to be addressed formally or informally

When you know all this about your audience, it guides you on what and how to write. And structure your content as well.

Quick Note: Focus on real customers- create every content with your readers (Audience) in mind.

Ask yourself these basic questions when planning on new content, to make sure you’re focusing on real customers.

Who is this piece targeted towards?

Don’t always generalize content.

Sometimes target a particular set of your readers.

Especially if your audience is in ranges (You’re bound to have a different set of audiences interested in your content).

Try to address each set independently so as to bring in uniqueness to the content.

What are their needs in each stage of the customer journey?

An, I just got here (Newbie)

I love this (Intermediate)

This is my life (Expert)

I want these (Buyer).

Every one of them has different needs and they all came to be satisfied by you.

Your Content should pitch out their problems and at the same time, solve it. As each one of them seeks different values from your content.

It could be informational, Navigational or Transactional intent. Try to consider all in your content and you wouldn’t babble again.


Don’t always make it about your CTAs.

First, add value to the life of your reader and your reader will readily convert. Writing content that converts is what you get better at, with practice.

Find out what has been working against you and work against it today,😉

You have other ideas on how to write content that converts; please do share it at the comment section below.

Learn why you should come back for more here.

Your Thoughts, Your Life.

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